Popular extensions for Visual Studio

If you have never tried installing some extensions for Visual Studio, probably, now it's the time to do so. Listed extensions can help you to write faster and produce more quality and less buggy code. Not every one of them is free so it's only up to you what you choose. Anyway, almost every time there's some trial period.


Probably the most quality extension that contains different features beginning with code quality analysis, code errors elimination, wide code refactoring, improved solution navigation, additional editing helpers meanwhile editor follows predefined standards.

The extension has 30-days trial period, after that, you need to order this JetBrains product. Price starts around 300 USD.


Free option how to improve things like code formatting and do some cleanup. Other ones help you to reorganize members layout, following defined preferences, format comments, do additional sorting, finding or show build progress with status.


Similar free package comparing with resharper. It contains a big list of additional code analyzers, refactorings and other diagnostics options. Can be found for Visual Studio 2017 and 2019.

GitHub extension

With more than 1M installations, this tool will give you a lot for sure. If you work with Git/GitHub, you don't need any other IDE or console for working with a basic operations like repository cloning, managing branches or checking for file changes. Everything will be available in Team Explorer menu.


Do you like colors or don't like your current VS theme?  Colorful braces, keywords highlighting and improvements for XML files.

Power tools

Just check a list of many provided features like assignments aligning, popular ctrl + click for going to a definition which is featured since VS 2019, mixed tabs, quick launch tasks and various power commands.

List of other simpler but still helpful extensions for Visual Studio.

  • Open command line - new options in the context menu.
  • New file - quick file creation in the simple dialog.
  • GitDiffMargin - showing git changes on currently edited file.
  • NPM Task Runner - great for web development, allowing running script tasks from the menu and see the output.

For more stuff, visit official marketplace.