Welcome on aspdotnet.dev blog. Why did I create this blog? The first thing, I would like to also learn something new, the second one, you cand find many problems solving posts on the Internet or SO and similar websites, but specific topics can be sometimes more interesting and helpful if you want to improve your skills. Have you just started learning to program? 

Blog posts will be based on simple code examples with explained theory in an easy way, so you can learn something new fast without reading tens of lines of text about a specific topic.

I will focus on different areas of web development from simple project things, working with databases or developing full-stack using popular SPA frameworks like Angular 2+ or ReactJs. For the C# side, it will be ASP .NET Core, Web API, MVC and additional packages with different tools.

If you are interested in specific language topics, application development, you can visit other .NET Framework blog where I will post from that area.  I am not a native English speaker and also a programmer who knows everything. If you find any incorrect code or information, let me know by sending an email. Thank you in advance.

Enjoy ASP .NET web development.